Maison Yaki

Die-hard Brooklyn gourmets can’t think of experiential food in Prospect Heights without thinking of James Beard-accoladed Chef Greg Olmstead’s distinctive culinary creation, Olmstead (glazed lamb leg and s’mores? Count us in.). However, his second restaurant Maison Yaki, throws Olmstead’s subtle use of seasonal local flavors out of the water. 

Maison Yaki is a play on the Japanese word yakitori (焼き鳥), which are bite-sized meat skewers found in many street markets, and perfectly pairs well with a cold Sapporo. Maison Yaki revamps this traditional form of grilling into a completely new way by infusing classic French cuisine flavors. Paying homage to yakitori’s street food history, all of the dishes are bite-sized and never over $10.

Photo by: @ @noahfecksisawesome

Popular dishes include: duck a l’orange, escargot in shiso butter and cauliflower okonomiyaki & hazelnuts, salmon mimosa tartare, duck rillettes & wasabi and tempura frog legs provençal. A popular end to the meal was a bouncy slice of Japanese cheesecake, perflecty balanced with a side of glazed apricots. 

Seasonal cocktails include: Sake Negroni, Cherry Blossom Manhattan, Tarragon Margarita, Vespar Martini, Yuzu Gin & Tonic and a Ginger French 75. 


626 Vanderbilt Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238