5 Korean Songs to Add To Your Playlist Today


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably seen the amazing rise of K-Pop music in Western culture. From classic bubblegum-pop/K-pop hits to neo-soul jams, here are 5 essential K-Pop songs to add to your playlist today:


BLACKPINK, “Forever Young,” Square Up

Reminiscent to music by the Chainsmokers, “Forever Young” is the perfect song for getting ready for a night out. By mixing together English and Korean lyrics as well as classic EDM beats, it’s easy to see how BLACKPINK managed to cross over as the first and only K-Pop girl group to enter Billboard’s “Emerging Artists” charts.



Brooklyn-based artist Albert Joo is the perfect Korean musician to follow if you’re a Korean music newbie. His lo-fi electronic/hip-hop beats are similar to the sounds of Drake and Childish Gambino. His newest EP, Maybe… is a great choice to unwind to during a long commute home.  


Jay Park feat. Simon Dominic, Changmo & Woodie Gochild,“Soju (Remix)”

The original version of “Soju” was already a great hit featuring 2 Chainz – this remix amplifies the uniqueness and power of Korean hip-hop by collaborating with other Korean artists. “Soju” shows that the Korean rap game doesn’t need to rely on American artists to make great and addicting sounds.


Alisha feat. Jimmy Brown, “Drunk Texting”

Independent singer/songwriter Alisha's soft croons are perfect for that lazy evening in or getting ready to go out. If you’re a Weeknd or Tinashe fan, you definitely need to add Alisha to your playlist.


2NE1, “Clap Your Hands (박수 쳐),” To Anyone

You can’t have a solid playlist without a good throwback! This song was first released in 2010, but has aged gracefully throughout the years as one of the most well-known and essential Korean pop songs to have international commercial success.